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The cloud service of improving PPC Ads Creative「ad:scicle」

※What is ad:scicle ?

"ad:scicle" is "The tool to improve Creatives" of which is specialized in PPC Ads. ( Now our features is focused only Japanese Market. )

We will make it automation  to manage improving ads process (Create Ads , Import , Get Data and Reporting) which even the users who are accustomed to manage ads takes several ten or hundred minutes.


Merit of using "ad:scicle"

Improve Efficiency

You can expect the reduction  of ads costs by 10-20% to improve your creatives.

Solve lack of Resources

We can reduce about 90% of operations , which are the almost all simple operations,then you can solve the lack of resource to improve creatives.

Use our flow of Improvement

How do you create your test and how do you evaluate them ? We can provide you our flow of improving Ads.

You can start improvement from Tomorrow.

Features of "ad:scicle"

1.Easy to Create Test

You can create the ads to test by the easiest way!

For example , you can just select from thesaurus dictionaly to create.

3.Auto evaluation with no Stress.

We calcs every A/B testing every day , automatically. You have no longer to use your calculator or spreadsheets.

2.Simply Import them.

4.No worry, Alerts work instead of you

When the failure to pass editorial review or found the significant difference first time, you can get e-mail.

Only one click to import ads to publishers. You don't have to create import csv , which is extremely cumbersome.

5.​Powerfull ! Scheduller.

This is the "Test Agent". Test Agent will manage schedule of your ads importing , pausing or deleting.

It will import appropriate number of ads to test them and import next ads after it found the end of previous test.

Our work

The world which ad:scicle make true.

■You can start Ad-Test easily.
 - After link accounts, it will be started to get data thru API and evaluate the test of significant difference.
 - Stock the data if difference would be found.
 - Choose the place of testing and you can create many ads with our own feature easily.
 - Start by import thru API , manually import or set "Test Agent"
 - You will get the e-mail , the difference will be found at first.
 - Can see the result report and download by PDF
 - If you fix the test thru ending feature, the loser ads will be paused.

■Save your employee who are tired with the heavy operation.
 - No need to login to publisher UIs
 - Can create ads without any spreadsheets

 - Can monitor the failure of editorial review

 - No need to create import csv files to Import your many ads.

This may improve your employee satisfaction as well !

■Improve the Customer Satisfaction!
You will probably encounter the situation like getting reduce CPC of your accounts.

If you are an advertiser , you can reduce your costs to get a customer to visit your site. CTR improvements means your message would be better to send to your customers than before.

If you are an agency, you can contribute the improve efficiency of Ads.

■Now , let's start the improvement of Ads !
Do you have the situation , you cannot improve ads recently ?
Did you add the new ads for your accounts recently ?
Don't you have ads which has been lose long long time ago with active now as well ?

Maybe you pay the extra costs for ads ,which you don't have to pay many of them. 

We may support you if you have situations like above.


We are waiting for the contact from the company who can cooperate with our development.


Developed By

Located in Japan

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